About ECAC

Since 1980, about 15,000 Ethiopians have made Chicago their home. Immigrants constitute the larger portion of this growing population. Many have faced numerous adjustment problems including culture shock, depression, psychological crises and unemployment. An awareness of such problems and a compelling need to mitigate the situation on the part of some individuals led to the creation of ECAC in 1984.



The Ethiopian Community Association of Chicago(ECAC) is a not-for-profit, non-political, tax-exempt organization committed to serving the educational, cultural, psychological, and socio-economic needs of Ethiopians in Chicago land and the surrounding areas. ECAC also responds to the needs of other
similarly situated groups who might seek its services.  ECAC endeavors to facilitate the overall adjustment, stability, growth and development of its constituency. ECAC’s mission is charitable and educational.


To build a thriving, empowered and fully integrated community that has the capacity to share its culture and values while taking full advantage of the socio-economic and educational opportunities available in the larger society.



  1. To provide charitable assistance to needy members of the Ethiopian Community, in times of serious injuries, unusual illness or death;
  2. To provide guidance, counseling and assistance to the newly arriving refugees in their resettlement efforts;
  3. To promote educational activities and disseminate instructional material in both Ethiopian and    English languages;
  4. To enhance social and cultural activities through the creation of a common center;
  5. To encourage and when deemed necessary guide individuals striving to start small businesses;
  6. To provide information and referral services on education, employment, health care, and housing;
  7. To assist on immigration and legal cases.

    5800 N Lincoln Ave Unit A/B. | Chicago, IL 60659
    Tel: (773) 508-0303 | Fax: (773) 508-0309
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